Full Name
Justin McMechan
Job Title
Assistant Professor, Crop Protection and Cropping Systems Specialist
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Speaker Bio
In 2016, Dr. McMechan graduated with a Ph.D. in Entomology and a Doctor of Plant Health degree from the UNL. Both of these degrees involved multidisciplinary research, a philosophy that he continues to use in his current research program at UNL. His lab currently focuses on estimating the impact of cover crop management tactics on pest and beneficial insects, evaluating hail damage in row crops, and understanding emerging problems such as ear development issues in corn as well as a new insect pest, the soybean gall midge (SGM). Since 2016, I've acquired $3.4 million dollars in funding across these research areas with 21 papers in 11 different journals.

In 2018, Dr. McMechan co-led the discovery of SGM, Resseliella maxima, a new species causing significant injury to soybean in five midwestern states. Since its discovery, I've secured over $1,384,943 in funding to study this new pest. He also served as the lead investigator of a North Central Soybean Research Program (NCSRP) grant with a total of 17 co-investigators from 11 state universities to address key aspects of SGM distribution and management. In 2019, Dr. McMechan and his colleagues established a SGM alert network to notify clientele via automated phone call, text message, and email about adult emergence and management recommendations. The alert network has allowed soybean farmers to initiate management strategies, and coordinate or initiate research protocols with farmers. This network currently spans eight states and Canada with over 430 clientele, many of which represent connections to several farmers through consultants, co-ops, and industry representatives.
Justin McMechan